Four Seasons Estate Planning

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Regardless of your season in life, proper estate planning is necessary to ensure that you have all the necessary documents in place when the unexpected occurs.  Depending on your stage in life, there may be specific types of documents which are appropriate, but there is one thing that is common for each life stage and that is the necessity of having the appropriate and up-to-date documents in place.


Estate Planning

Estate Planning is a personal process.  It the process in which you determine who you want your assets distributed to and in what manner.  A complete estate plan also plans for possible incapacity, and ensures that there are agents in place who can make financial or medical decisions, in the event that you are unable to make those decisions yourself.  The documents that are appropriate will depend on your season of life and situation.  Please click on the tab below for a review of which documents may be appropriate for your season of life.

Trust Administration

Trust Administration occurs after the death of the settlor or the trustor of the living trust passes away. The individual who administers the living trust is the successor trustee that has been appointed in the living trust document. The successor trustee must manage the assets of the trust and ensure that they are distributed pursuant to the trust terms. Many steps are required to safeguard effective administration, and oftentimes, successor trustees seek the advice of an estate planning attorney to ensure that all of the necessary steps are taken.


Probate is the legal process of transferring a decedent’s estate to his or her estate. Probate requires court supervision. The Probate Court will ensure that the decedent’s assets are inventoried, the debts and taxes of the estate are paid, the heirs of the decedent are identified, and the assets are distributed to these heirs.

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